Annual NUI Galway volunteering fair aims to inspire the next generation of volunteers

More than 60 local, national, and international organisations will showcase their work to inspire creative thinking and approaches to social causes at NUI Galway’s 16th annual volunteering fair next week.

The fair will take place on Tuesday, September 12, in the Bailey Allen Hall, from 11am to 4pm. In a statement announcing the volunteer fair, the university said it was committed to encouraging the next generation of students to be innovative and entrepreneurial, all qualities needed to be part of the community as an active volunteer in a changing environment.

The volunteering fair, which will feature a number of charities and campus based programmes, also serves to empower students. “The important skills of empathising, listening, and communicating can be taught in a classroom, but our community partners connect our students to action projects to build students’ experience and confidence to be leaders of our community,” said Lorraine Tansey, student volunteer coordinator at NUI Galway. “We need creative problem solving to be able to live in socially and environmentally conscious ways, and the fair sparks and inspires students to be active in creating change for others and themselves.”

ALIVE is NUI Galway’s student volunteering programme dedicated to providing supports to students to engage in positive volunteering experiences. This has been achieved through community partnerships, events like the volunteering fair, and a website of volunteer opportunities. To book a stand or for further information visit or email [email protected].



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