Never got around to spring cleaning? Declutter your house this summer instead

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Hoarding old items that are of no use anymore usually results in an untidy and unsightly house that's full of wasted space. You wouldn't hoard these items in the first place if they weren't of some value to you though, so it can be difficult to decide on what to get rid of. is here to give some tips on what can be done to alleviate the clutter.

Make cleaning fun

Sometimes even just the thoughts of cleaning can be enough to put people off getting the job done. However, if a bit of fun is mixed in with the work, then it will be much easily to convince yourself, and also any children in the house, to do some cleaning. Get cleaning the house before a fun activity, like going to the beach, the park, the cinema etc. That way you will have a little reward at the end of the tunnel that will keep everyone motivated to clean.

Put the things you don't need in a place where you will have to move them

If there are a number of useless items in your house that need to go, try piling them up on top of your bed or on the kitchen table. These places are regularly used so you will have to clear the debris away as soon as possible. After you've decided how to dispose of the unwanted items, get rid of them straight away.

Replace many worthless items with one valuable one

Getting rid of lots of things at once can be as depressing as it is uplifting. Why not treat yourself to something new to replace your old things? Having less is often more and you might find that you get more use out of the new item. All the better if you can find something that can fulfil the functions of all the old things you threw out.

Do it once and do it right

If you're going to clean the house, make sure you commit to it. You don't want to be repeatedly going over the same things without making a noticeable difference to the overall cleanliness of your house. Have all your materials on hand, such as bin bags, cleaning spray, cloths etc. Doing this on a consistent basis will ensure that your house doesn't get cluttered again.

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