Spruce up your garden with Colourfence — the ultimate garden fence

The holy grail of fencing is transforming gardens across the UK and Ireland.

Owning a timber fence is costly, time consuming, with maintenance and repairs almost every year. The alternative to timber fencing, one that goes up and stays up, is Colourfence fencing solutions, made from innovative Colourbond steel. This fencing is virtually maintenance free — just give it an occasional wash down with water to keep it looking as good as new, so you never need to pick up that paint brush again.

Colourfence guarantees your fence will remain unspoiled for at least 25 years, even against gusts of 130mph. Available in a variety of heights and colours, with or without trellis, Colourfence's skilled installation team will make short work of transforming your garden.

The best news is the pricing is just as attractive. Starting costs are in line with comparable traditional systems but offer the ongoing peace of mind that your investment will continue to save time and money year after year. For those who want a low maintenance garden, Colourfence promises a lifetime of hassle-free enjoyment.

For more information on Colourfence phone 086 2359559, email [email protected], or visit www.colourfence.ie


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