Confidence boosting for Children!

Réalta School of Speech and Drama

This July, Réalta School of Speech and Drama will be running a Speech and Drama workshop in Our Lady’s Boys Club, which is situated on Sea Road, Galway. This workshop will run over five mornings. The focus is on building confidence while having lots of fun!

Spaces are limited to ten per class as the workshop is highly personalised to each student and their interests.

Réalta founder and owner, Michelle O’ Grady, has found throughout the years that the larger classes that run for longer can tend to overwhelm those children who are a little quieter. Children can feel more at ease with expressing themselves in a cosier setting.

It is also really important to be able to get to know the children well so as to bring out the best in them. This workshop will include lots of activities including Mime, poetry, improvisation, articulation exercises, Storytelling and much more! The main aim is to have lots of fun and boost confidence while doing so.

‘’Some children just needed to be reminded of how wonderful they already are which we will be reinforcing lots throughout the week!’’ says Michelle.

Réalta also works very closely with children with autism and other special needs and hopes to run a similar workshop to cater for those needs later this year.

This July workshop came about as a result of Réalta being approached by parents looking for a small class that might help their child come out of their shell. These might be children who might have shrank back in large group settings and feel more comfortable staying to the back of the room.

Michelle states “As well as working with children with Autism and special needs, I love working with children who are a little quieter. To give them to the opportunity to shine! It always surprises me how quickly their confidence grows after our classes- we as adults could stand to learn a lot from children! There are lots of exciting treats and plans in store for the workshop so I am really excited!”

The workshop is priced at €50 per child for the five mornings and will take place from July 10th – 14th.

Six to eight year olds – 10am- 11.15am

Nine to eleven year olds: 11.30am -12.45pm

To book your place, contact Michelle at [email protected] or visit


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