Time for summer garden lovin'

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As the summer fast approaches, temperatures start to rise and the likelihood of sun being forecast increases; slightly. For the gardener, plants, and flowers start to bloom but it is important to pay attention to the change in weather if you wish to keep your little piece of paradise looking pristine.

Here at the advertiser.ie, we provide you with the top five tips to have a great garden.

1 Keep the water coming

It is likely that there never will be a shortage of rain in Galway, however, on the off chance summer actually lives up to its reputation as the season of hot, dry, weather, it is important to water your plants. Watering in the morning is imperative as it gives moisture a chance to trickle down to the roots before it may be evaporated in the midday heat.

2 Pruning

Get rid of those deadheads because not only do they look very poor and out of place, the flower will put its energy into sending out buds if the good weather persists as opposed to creating new seeds.

3 Mow the lawn with a plan

Everyone knows grass grows quicker in summer so you will need to mow your lawn more often to stop it looking like a jungle. But remember cutting the grass too often leaves the roots open to being burnt in hot weather. A longer blade keeps the root cooler.

4 Get weeding

Always be vigilant for these irritants. It is much easier to control the spread weeds if you remove them as soon as you notice them because they will not have a chance to establish a strong root network.

5 Pest control

Aphids are the bane of any gardener and if our trusted friends, the ladybirds, are not present to gobble up these pests you will have to fight them yourself. A quick hosing down of your plants will do the trick.

So there you have it. Get gardening.

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