Herbal relief for bloating/IBS

Bloating is a subjective feeling of fullness in your abdomen, not necessarily related to the actual expansion of your waistline or the amount of gas produced. It usually indicates poor digestive function and shortage of friendly bacteria in your bowels.

Sometimes people suffer from sensitivities to common foods such as wheat, yeast, or cow's milk, and you can try removing such products from your diet for a while. Modern bread seems to cause bloating in a lot of people; try yeast-free breads, based on sourdough. Some foods, such as cabbage, beans, and lentils, are hard to digest for almost everybody — it is a good idea to add caraway seeds to these while cooking to aid the digestion.

If you suffer from IBS, bloating will be one of your symptoms, and you will find that the herbs recommended offer relief. However, as IBS is a complex condition you will get much better overall results from treatment designed specifically for your particular symptoms. With regards to herbal treatment the best all round herbal product on the market today is Droserin gel. It can be used by both adults and children.

For further information on Droserin gel contact medical herbalist Patrick Murphy on 093 27033, email [email protected].



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