Six month smiles and Implants service at Moycullen Dental

Moycullen Dental offers Six Month Smiles, the revolutionary cosmetic braces for adults which give patients straight teeth in less time with clear braces.

These braces are fixed like tractional braces, with brackets and wires, but are tooth coloured and barely visible in everyday situations. If you are over 15 years old with crooked or spaced teeth this could be the solution for you. Most adults are candidates for Six Month Smiles.

Dr Martin Small is a recognised Six Month Smiles provider with years of experience.

He also provides implant and sedation treatments. Having missing or damaged teeth can affect your quality of life. You may feel less confident to show your teeth when smiling or laughing, and eating hard or crunchy food can be difficult. If you are missing a lot of teeth your jaw bone starts to shrink, which affects your appearance. Your lips and cheeks are no longer supported by teeth, resulting in your cheeks becoming hollow.

Solutions include dental implants which replace the tooth root and build a foundation for the dental crown. The material of the dental implant can help maintain existing jaw bone levels and prevent further bone loss. Neighboring teeth are kept intact because the replacement tooth is directly connected to the implant.

For more information contact Moycullen Dental at 091 868537.


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