A new way forward for couples in Galway

Imago Relationship Therapy has long been established in many countries around the world. Yet until recently, it was rare to hear of it in Ireland.

Originally developed 25 years ago in the USA, Imago has helped thousands of couples to both reconnect and strengthen their relationships. According to Imago theory, there are important reasons we fall in love with the people we do, and Imago practice helps couples to move from blame and reactivity to understanding and empathy.

Jeni Whittaker of Soul Focus Therapy in Galway is passionate about the healing power of Imago. She offers one and two day workshops for couples, privately and in groups, as well as using Imago in her counselling practice with individuals.

“Imago is based on a series of dialogues, which the therapist facilitates,” she explains. “The therapist introduces the dialogue process and coaches the couple as they speak, face to face. The couple then takes the learnings home. This way of communicating helps couples to move forwards more quickly in their understanding of one another and in their private resolution of conflicts that come up.”

Imago helps couples to understand why they reach conflict, as well as how to resolve it. Jeni Whittaker practices in Galway and Abbeyknockmoy. Her next open workshop takes place on March 19 and 20 in Manchester. You can book private one to one couple workshops or psychotherapy sessions with her by emailing [email protected]. To find out more visit www.soulfocustherapy.com or call 087 432 9466.



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