Are you worried about developing dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Are you worried about developing dementia or Alzheimer’s? Do you struggle with your memory or cognitive function? You are not alone. As the population of Ireland gets older the number of people suffering from cognitive conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s has increased. These diseases not only have a major impact on the individual, but also their families. Recent research has identified genetics and lifestyle as the biggest factors that increase your chances of developing these life changing conditions. Lifestyle factors such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, inactivity, obesity, smoking, and stress all lead to the risk increasing.

People can take action to reduce their risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and brain training can all help to reduce the risk. Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is one of the leading nutritionists in the UK and she has developed the Seven Step Brain Protection Plan. This brain protection plan has been developed using the latest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries to help reduce the risk and even in some cases reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Join Dr Marilyn Glenville at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, at 7pm on Thursday March 2 and discover the Seven Step Brain Protection Plan. Don’t miss this life changing talk with Dr Glenville. It is your chance to discover how to use a combination of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and brain training to improve your memory, concentration, and focus while also reducing your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

There are a limited number of tickets available, so purchase early to avoid disappointment. Tickets cost €15 and are available in all Evergreen stores and online at


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