Celebrate the Chinese New Year and a new chapter in Galway’s Noodle House

The Chinese New Year is upon us and celebrations will continue for around 2 weeks – more than enough time to try the amazing new menu at The Noodle House and get hooked on the freshest and tastiest hand-made noodles in town.

Around 1/5 of the world’s population celebrate the Chinese New Year where families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year’s Day. Traditionally children are given red envelopes stuffed with ‘lucky money’ and positive wishes and The Noodle House are sharing this wonderful custom by giving away red little envelopes containing vouchers for delicious treats to their customers.

Located on middle street, The Noodle House has a long history in bringing fresh and authentic Chinese cuisine to the minds and bellies of the people of Galway and beyond. Formally called Da Tang Noodle House, it has evolved and continued to capture the growing taste buds of our multicultural little city for over 20 years. In keeping with the Spring Festival themes of reuniting with family, good fortune and looking forward to the year ahead, the new menu features fresh, healthful and flavorsome Pan Asian food that will leave you feeling revitalised, comforted and nourished.

2017 is the year of the Rooster, the brightest sun sign in the Chinese zodiac and the rooster song heralds the dawn and a new chapter in Galway’s Noodle House with an exciting new menu highlighting traditional Chinese noodle based cuisine. The noodles are made by hand in house every day and can be enjoyed wok fried or in a delicious fragrant broth with a selection of fresh vegetables and a wide choice of meats, seafood or tofu.

As well as bean fried noodles, rice noodles and Korean sweet potato noodles, the new menu includes the ultimate communal dining experience and something everyone should try in the Chinese New Year – the hot pot. This entails a large simmering pot of mild or spicy broth in the middle of the table where you cook your own selection of raw vegetables and meats with a side of sesame dip. It doesn’t get fresher than cooking your own meat at your table and eating noodles that were still flour and water that morning!

Old favorites such as melt in the mouth Da Tangs famous dumplings and tasty Chinese pork ribs sit alongside new editions such as the very palatable kimchi fried rice, which is a traditional Korean dish featuring pickled vegetables and a fried egg on top, and delicious Hong Shao Rou, a traditional Chinese dish of braised aromatic pork belly with carrot, potato and fragrant jasmine rice.

The Noodle House offers a wide selection of craft beer, organic wine hand picked from small vineyards across Europe and a tantalising selection of Solaris Botanical Tea. Catering for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets and very reasonable priced, the new menu can also be enjoyed at home with Deliveroo. Joining in the Chinese New Year celebrations with The Noodle House has never been so appetizing. Happy New Year!

For more information or say hello - www.facebook.com/noodlehousegalway


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