Nutrition and health advice blog from Nestor’s SuperValu

Discover a healthier happier you in 2017 with the help of a new and exciting blog at One of Galway’s best known local supermarkets has teamed up with a highly regarded local nutritional therapist Sinéad Bradbury.

Sinéad Bradbury is a Galway native and her passion for educating people on living a healthy and productive life is infectious. She has extensive background and life-long interest in preventative medicine and optimising health. She hopes to reach a wider audience to spread her message of wellbeing through Nestor’s SuperValu website blog. The blog will consist of videos, dietary advice, shopping lists, and Q&A. She will also spread the word with school visits and health talks at local events as well as some in-store demonstrations.

"We are excited about the partnership," said Tom Nestor of the Nestor’s SuperValu group. "In this day and age people are tech savvy and we see a growing trend towards online shopping and the use of mobile technology to make informed decisions. It felt like a natural progression to us to offer more than just an online shopping experience. Some people now choose to do their full shop online and receive home delivery, while others like click and collect, which means we do the running around filling your order and you collect it when you are ready. We recently made the decision that we wanted to offer more than just an online shopping experience, we also wanted to become our customers' health partners. Our blog will start in January and it will evolve and grow, we will listen to what our customers want and deliver an informative and health promoting blog.

"‘Supporting You’ is our ethos for 2017," Mr Nestor added. "We already support a lot of local events and are very community orientated. We are proud of all we sponsored in 2016 and will continue to play our part in the coming year. Nestors SuperValu ‘Supporting You’ will continue in the form of our blog and we hope you enjoy it."

Visit the blog at and join Sinéad Bradbury and Nestor's SuperValu on a new health journey for 2017.


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