Al Porter, Ross Browne, and The Rubberbandits for OTT Wrestling

A night of insane wrestling mayhem at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival



AL PORTER in a leotard, WWE legends X-Pac and Chris Hero, The Fear's Ross Browne, and somewhere in the middle of it all, the Rubberbandits, all gathered together for a night of insane wrestling mayhem.

In a departure from the usual fare of stand up and sketch comedy, the Vodafone Comedy Carnival has a treat for wrestling fans this year with Over The Top Wrestling, Ireland's new over 18s American Wrestling entertainment company.

The show is coming to the Black Box Theatre on Sunday October 30, and wrestling fans in Galway will have never seen anything like this. As well as the comedians and X-Pac and Chris Hero, others taking part will be Adam Burke (Hardy Har Comedy Club, Bray ) and wrestlers Paul Tracey and Logan Bryce. The Rubberbandits will be the special enforcers in Team Comedy’s corner.

Be warned, the show will not be PC, will often be outrageous, and the action will play out to a hard rock soundtrack. For tickets see


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