Health eating and juicing workshop next week

Are you confused and unsure where to start with your diet, are you passionate about food and want to learn more, would you like to learn how to create healthy snacks? A healthy eating workshop with The Raw Food Coach on Wednesday October 26 at 7pm in the Menlo Park Hotel is your opportunity to fast-track yourself to better health, energy, vitality, and weight-loss by learning the best ways of getting lots of healthy snacks, juices, and superfoods into your diet in the most delicious ways.

The "Don't Eat Less, Eat Right" workshop is a programme for people who want to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle changes can promote better health. Join nutritionist, iridologist, and herbalist Yvonne Duffy O'Shaughnessy, The Raw Food Coach, to discover how you can make small changes that can make a big difference in your health. This is an educational and hands-on, fun workshop. During the workshop participants will be juicing, blending, and creating healthy and nutritious snacks to taste and take home.

If you want to change and upgrade your diet and lifestyle to achieve better health, vitality, energy, weight loss, clearer skin, etc, this is where you will learn how to do that from the inside out.

If you want to stop food cravings that derail you, such as sugar, bread, wine, dairy, etc.

If you want to stop feelings of guilt about certain foods and allowing self sabotage to control your diet.

If you want to make healthy eating a normal and fun part of your life and stop dieting for once and for all this is the class you need.

You will also learn:

Quick breakfast ideas to “reset” your metabolism to burn fat, not store it.

What to eat before and after working out.

How to identify food cravings.

Easy ways to identify hidden junk foods and replace them with healthy, tasty, substitutes.

Mindful eating techniques to combat overeating or disordered eating.

Why low-fat diets do not work long term.

How to juice and how to grow your own wheatgrass at home, and how to make your own winter tonic to keep those bugs at bay.

Yvonne Duffy O'Shaughnessy is a nutritionist and specialises in weight loss and fertility through identifying food intolerences, toxicity, and deficiencies in the body. Find The Raw Food Coach on Facebook or see for more information. As seen in RSVP magazine. To book your place call 087 0573098.


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