Julio Bashmore to DJ @ Electric

Julio Bashmore.

Julio Bashmore.

INSPIRED BY the French electro and dance sounds of Daft Punk and Cassius, and the bass scene of his native Bristol, DJ Julio Bashmore is acclaimed for his forward thinking, constantly future focused approach, to music.

Bashmore's (aka Matthew Stephen Walker ) first steps towards DJing was his initial interest in house music and his older sibling's Daft Punk and Cassius albums. Being from Bristol also exposed him to the city's vibrant bass scene, with its low-end frequencies and ferocious attack, and it was here he began to explore the outward looking house aesthetic he is known for today. He cut his teeth early on in that scene, but his first rise to a wider audience came with the release of the Julio Bashmore EP for the Dirtybird label.

Julio Bashmore plays the Electric Garden and Theatre, tomorrow, from 11pm. Presale tickets are available through Resident Advisor. There will also be tickets on the door. Early arrival is advised.



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