Handy tips for shopping for a car

The dream motor maybe closer than you think, but there are a number of handy tips car buyers can learn to ensure the experience is less daunting.

St Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union has compliled a list of some simple tips to help in the search.

• Starting out you should ask yourself the following questions: What is your budget? How much will it cost you to run this car, in terms of tax, insurance and fuel consumption? How much will this car depreciate?

• Never buy a car without seeing it first or having it checked over by a professional.

• Ask to see the log book and if a name is on it ask for ID to verify the seller.

• Dealers prices may often be higher than private owners, but there are certain advantages when buying from a dealer, eg, vehicle recently serviced, extended warranty, additional extras.

• Online auctions such as those found on eBay are becoming more popular. Auctions carry a far greater risk, as buyers do not see the car they are bidding on.

• Remember that salesmen work on a commission basis, so they are going to be looking for a high asking price for the car they sell. Aways feel you can haggle.

• Do not examine a vehicle at night time or during wet weather. You will not be able to spot scrapes and scratches that would otherwise be visible in dry conditions.

• Be brave and look under the bonnet.

• Never give out your account details if unsure. If you do and have reservation, contact your bank immediately.

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