Thermodynamic solar — the only system that works 24/7/365

Are you interested in saving money with a thermodynamic solar panel system that offers reliable hot water 365 days a year?

The benefits:

Energie thermodynamic solar panels can provide you with 100 per cent of your domestic hot water, 365 days a year. (traditional solar is a maximum of 70 per cent ).

It does not require back-up from oil or gas to provide you with all your domestic hot water needs.

No servicing is required.

The Energie solar panel system can be installed and be operational within one working day.

Save money on your water heating bills (immersion, electric shower, oil, or gas ).

How does it work?

The functionality of traditional solar panels are limited in Ireland due to the limited amount of sunshine we get. However the Energie thermodynamic solar panel system overcomes this limitation by sourcing heat through solar heat, rainwater, and wind convection. Through these means water temperature in the cylinder is raised in a highly efficient and cost effective manner, even when it is raining and even during the night.

With the only power consumption of this system being the small compressor motor (equivalent to that of a domestic fridge ) the system can save you up to 80 per cent on your water heating costs (up to €700 a year ).

To arrange a free consultation, call 091 876816 or email [email protected], and a Natural Green Energy representative will call out and inspect your home and provide a free, no obligation, quote for this excellent system.



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