Colourfence — the perfect solution to your garden fencing requirements

Colourfence is a permanent, no-maintenance solution to all your fencing problems.

Colourfence is the fastest growing fence company in Ireland in both the private and commercial sectors. Hugh Bleahen installed a Colourfence in the TV3 studios, and the fence can be seen most mornings on the Ireland AM show during the weather news.

Colourfence is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly as you will not have to paint or treat it, unlike timber fences.

Colourfence now comes with a 25 year guarantee that it will not warp or corrode. It can withstand gusts of up to 130mph and can fit heights of 1m to 2.1m. Fences are available in cream, brown, green, and blue, all of which can be mixed and matched.

It can be installed as a plain fence, or with a decorative trellis, and it can be raked or stepped on sloping ground.

A Colourfence provides privacy to occupants and is very safe for children, as there are no footholds to aid climbing.

For more information on Colourfence phone Hugh Bleahan at (086 ) 2359559, email [email protected], or visit



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