A language centre with a difference

Since 1976, families around the globe have been choosing Midland Language Centre to develop the language skills of their children in a wonderfully welcoming environment.

The difference with MLC’s programmes is that students do not attend language classes during the day, they are there as individuals to immerse themselves in the English language and Irish way of life for the duration of their stay, and are more like an extra member of the family than a lodger.

The centre has experienced significant growth over the last few years and is now looking for welcoming, active, host families to host students from France and Spain during the summer months and also during the academic year.

Founded in 1976, MLC has almost 40 years’ experience in organising top quality language courses for students in Ireland.

MLC is a family business, and the family involvement guarantees personal attention and ensures that each student and each host family receives time and co-operation.

The programmes differ from those of many other companies in that MLC places students with Irish families, as opposed to in residential or school accommodations. This means the students ‘live the language’ and enjoy the comfort, friendship, and experience of Irish family life. Irish families enjoy this experience hugely, and long-running friendships are often established.

A great deal of time and care is taken in the matching of a student to a host family, based on profiles, hobbies, interests, and so on. The centre places students in host families who have a child of the same gender and a similar age to the students. MLC works with host families every step of the way, to ensure everybody benefits from the experience. Families are of course paid for hosting students, and while often not the motivating factor, it does of course bear relevance.

MLC’s host families, teachers, and activity organisers are proud to be associated with the company. Many new families are referred by host families who have thoroughly enjoyed their hosting experience. MLC students, and their friends, return to Ireland through the centre year after year, something of which the company is very proud.

For more information contact Midland Language Centre, Redleaf House, Townspark, Longford, Co Longford, phone 043 334 6832, or see www.midlandlanguagecentre.ie


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