Public lecture on the struggle for Home Rule for Ireland

Home Rule was once the goal of Irish nationalism, but continual opposition from the House of Lords and the threat of violence from Ulster unionists dogged and delayed its achievement.

Home Rule was due to be passed for Ireland, but the outbreak of the Great War saw it shelved. In the aftermath of the 1916 Rising, and the excessive reaction by Britain, public opinion changed to demand full independence. Home Rule was no longer good enough.

The 40 year struggle to get Home Rule for Ireland, and how and why it fell out of favour, will be discussed in a public lecture, entitled John Redmond and the Third Home Rule Bill 1912-1916, by Dermot Meleady, in the Harbour Hotel, Dock Road, on Monday March 14 at 8pm. Mr Meleady is the author of the books, Redmond: the Parnellite (2008 ) and John Redmond: the National Leader (2013 ).

The meeting is organised by the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society. Admission is free and all are welcome. See



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