It’s never too late to learn – beginner bodhran courses starting soon

Most households around the country have an old bodhran lying around in a closet somewhere or hanging on a wall. Most people don’t know how to play it, but would love to. Well that is all about to change with the Funky Drums city centre bodhran classes.

The bodhran is a fantastic sounding drum which is not too difficult to play once you are taught in the right way. It has become a hugely popular addition to the trad scene and is enjoying a massive resurgence in Ireland with more people realising that it is simply a brilliant and highly rewarding instrument to play.

All ages are catered for within these new classes which are designed for the complete beginner who has never played before and can start out in an encouraging, relaxed, fun, environment. The classes are all group lessons and are very social and fantastic fun, and you will be amazed at what you can learn. There is an organised trad session every month for all the students to go along and apply what is learned in the classes, and of course have the craic with a few pints.

This course will be the perfect start to the New Year. All bodhrans are provided and courses are starting soon. To book your place call Brian on 087 1259156 or email [email protected].


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