Learn mindfulness

There will be a day-long introduction to mindfulness in Esker Retreat Centre in Athenry on Saturday January 23, and on February 13. This is your opportunity to learn about a practice that can help you manage stress, handle thoughts better, and live your life more fully.

Most of the time we are not here at all, we only imagine we are. We are in the past or the future. Mindfulness helps us to pay attention in the present moment to ourselves, others, and the world around us. It helps to develop calm and focus, letting you stay with whatever is happening even if it is difficult.

With practice, we can let go of troubling thoughts and unhelpful states of mind and access a sense of calm and acceptance. Learning to focus the mind and settle attention allows us to let go of being compulsively busy, preoccupied, and anxious, and access our capacity to be more aware of our experience in the moment. Becoming aware in this way, without judging our experience as good or bad, is a key to managing difficulties more effectively and living more fully.

Mindfulness helps reduce stress. Gradually you may experience a greater sense of wholeness and aliveness, even during seemingly ordinary moments, and may be more able to disentangle yourself from negative thoughts, reactions, and judgments.

The day-long session will be facilitated by Carmel Sheridan, a psychotherapist, supervisor, and mindfulness teacher. For information call 086 8185974 or visit www.mindfulnessgalway.ie


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