Business with music and instrument technology at AIT

Have you thought about a career in the music industry? To set you on the right path, the Athlone Institute of Technology is offering a Level 6 Higher Certificate in business with music and instrument technology (MAIT ). This dynamic and diverse two year programme brings business principles to audio engineers, instrument makers, and budding entrepreneurs.

Students on the MAIT course will be involved in a wide range of dynamic assignments and practical work which encompasses instrument craft and design, all aspects of sound engineering, and general business studies that are suited for the creative industries. Students will also have industry leading guest lecturer presentations at regular intervals over the duration of the course.

This diversity aims to give graduates of the MAIT course a range of skills and the flexibility required to work within a highly competitive industry, and on completion of the course students will have assembled an impressive portfolio of industry related work to take forward into their career.

Course modules include computer applications, social media and digital applications, music and instrument appreciation, music production, instrument technology, sound engineering, music marketing, e-business, entrepreneurship, and work placement.

Progression from MAIT

Holders of the Level 6 qualification are eligible to apply to join a Level 7 Bachelor of business studies programme at AIT where modules in radio and production and music technology are available as electives.

Career opportunities

Graduates can work as recording studio sound engineers, live sound engineers, broadcast sound engineers for radio and TV, foley artists, audiovisual technicians for TV and film, video game audio technicians, multimedia sound designers, event organisers, instrument building and maintenance technicians, business entrepreneurs, music producers.

For more information about the MAIT course contact Mike O'Dowd at [email protected].


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