Jazz night @ Nuns Island

THE GINAJAZZ Trio, featuring two Lithuanians and an Irishman, will treat Galway to a night of jazz that will range from mellow to rule-breaking, at The Nuns Island Theatre.

The GinaJazz trio - Gediminas Karkauskas (piano ), Grazina Pukaite (vocals ), and Dave Fleming (double bass ) - play on Saturday December 12 at 8pm.

Gina has a mellow jazz timbre with a laid back feel. Her performances of songs like 'Angel Eyes' are known for their intimate, yet tense, atmosphere. The trio also give The Beatles's 'Blackbird' a contemporary jazz treatment, while Gershwin's 'The Man I Love' is a great showcase for Karkauskas.

Tickets are €12/10 via www.eventbrite.ie See also www.ginajazz.com or www.galwayartscentre.ie/ga/nuns-island-theatre


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