G.A.S.S - new LGBT night @ Róisín Dubh

G.A.S.S, SHORT for The Great & Secret Show is a new monthly LGBT clubnight which opens at the Róisín Dubh at 10pm on Friday December 11.

G.A.S.S will bring a variety of acts showcasing the best clubnights, DJs, and talents from around the country, and while the night is primarily for LGBT people, the organisers are encouraging those "with the same mind-set" who "believe in equality" to "join together at this event". Those going are also encouraged to "let your hair down, dress-up, dress-down, cross-dress or be a style freak".

The night will be hosted by KiKi Saint Clair, with support from Rais D. Leading Dublin clubnight Euphoria, with DJ Arthuro Cavalli will provide the music. There will also be go-go dancers, and surprises.

For more information see the G.A.S.S page on Facebook and www.roisindubh.net


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