100 Onces - furious math-rock

LA duo to play FEAST night @ Róisín Dubh

100 Onces.

100 Onces.

"100 ONCES retain the callous punk nature of being loud and rambunctious, disordering the order, and never following a predefined path. This is real math-punk.” so declared online music magazine Fecking Bahamas about the LA duo who play Galway this week.

100 Onces play the next FEAST night upstairs at the Róisín Dubh this Saturday at 9pm. Formed in 2010, their blistering concoction of math-rock and punk has seen them release three studio albums, 100 Once Is, 100 Once Says, and 100 Onces (available on Bandcamp/Spotify ); tour Europe several times, including Russia and the Ukraine. When crossing the border into Russia from the Ukraine, the Russian border guard insisted they leave their current vehicle (a rented van ) behind and obtain a Russian rental van to continue. A few days later at their gig in Naberezhnyye-Chelny, where the venue was on a boat, a dead body greeted them shortly after arrival, followed by the venue burning down during the band’s set.


Also playing are Race The Flux and Stonemasons. Admission is €5.



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