Watch out for the Cúirt Poetry Walls

ARTISTIC INTERPRETATIONS of work by Irvine Welsh, Philip Larkin, Dermot Healy, and Nikola Madzirov can be seen on Hertridge's Butchers, Lombard Street; the sides of buildings on Bowling Green; and in Newtownsmith carpark.

This "outdoor exhibition", collectively known as the Cúirt Poetry Walls, is a collaboration between the Cúirt International Festival of Literature, street artist Finbar247, the Galway City Council, and Galway 2020.

For this project, Finbar247 worked with Cúirt director Dani Gill to present literary work in an interesting way to the public. Each wall is Finbar's visual representation of the mood and subject of the written work. A plaque featuring the complete text is mounted on each wall in tandem with the image. Finbar247 has previously been commissioned privately by businesses and individuals to paint indoor and outdoor spaces. He has also worked with youth groups, and has exhibited in The Galway Arts Centre.


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