Metaphorica exhibition in Town Hall

TOM MATHEWS' delightful Alice In Galway exhibition is still running at the Town Hall bar but next week it makes way for an equally wonderful exhibition, featuring the work of Dagmar Drabent and Marina Wild.

Metaphorica is the second joint exhibition of these two artists, both of whom hail from Germany, yet have made their homes in Galway. The exhibition showcases an exploration of aspects of the human experience and its narrative. In an age where conceptual art and digital techniques are dominant, this project wants to draw attention back to the potentiality of figural art and colour in the marriage of meaning and sensual experience.

Dagmar Drabent was born in Hamburg and has lived in Galway for many years. Her work is in the Galway City Council Collection, the Art Collection of National University Galway, and private collections in Ireland, Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, and the USA. Her work has been shown in solo-and group shows in Ireland and internationally. “I always have been fascinated with every aspect of the human condition and human experience, the work constantly shifts between figurative and abstraction, investigating the borderland between realities” she declares.

Marina Wild is originally from Wertheim and has been living in Galway since 2002. Her work has been exhibited in Ireland, Spain, and Germany, and she is represented in the NUI Galway Art Collection as well as private collections in Europe, the US and Mexico. Marina teaches art classes at NUIG and her work as an artist now also includes illustration, mainly in the area of children’s books.

Metaphorica opens on Friday August 14. Scoot along, and let ye feast your eyes on the work!


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