When products go bad

Galway Arts Centre exhibition inspired by Philip K Dick, consumerism, and social divisions

A detail from Spout by Damien Flood, 2014, oil on canvas.

A detail from Spout by Damien Flood, 2014, oil on canvas.

PRODUCT RECALL, an exhibition looking at ideas of displacement, and companies having to 'recall' products that could maim or kill consumers, is currently running in the Galway Arts Centre on Dominick Street.

Curated by Anne Mullee, the exhibition sees artists Damien Flood, Veronica Forsgren, Tom Watt, and Sarah Baker, through installation, video, paintings, drawings and performance, consider the implications of systems gone askew and accepted norms breaking down, challenging the viewer to confront their own relationship with consumerism, objects, and products.

Swedish artist Veronica Forsgren explores the influential writings of Philip K Dick, specifically his futuristic tale We Can Remember it for You Wholesale, where off-the-shelf ‘experiences’ can be bought and downloaded into the human brain. The story would later inspire the 1990 film Total Recall; Damien Flood's paintings have an unfinished, ephemeral, quality. His work for Product Recall is inspired by a recent residency in Dubai; American artist Sarah Baker investigates the relationships between different castes of society, through video and images; Belfast's Tom Watt will transform the Galway Arts Centre's first floor gallery into a vast ramp that bisects the space, creating a potential site for a cache of recalled objects beneath.

The exhibition runs until Thursday July 4. Admission is free.


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