Exhibition inspired by Marconi’s transmitter

A FIELD trip to the Marconi radio station in Derrigimlagh, Clifden, has inspired a new exhibition, You Are Here, which opens this evening [Thursday April 2] in the Galway Arts Centre.

Marconi’s transatlantic wireless transmitter opened in 1907, and both it and the Connemara station are pivotal moments in the development of modern mass communications.

For the Galway based Itsa Collective - artists Jackie Burke, Jason Dunne, Peter Sherry, Phill Foley, and Martin Reid - the transmitter’s location in Connemara symbolises the necessity for both connectivity and solitude, globalisation, and issues of rural/urban and public/private divides. The collective describe the exhibition as “a memory of where we were, where we are now, and where we might go, at present evolving but never to be finished - here now as we are.”

You Are Here runs until April 15.


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