Bows, curtseys, Beethoven, and ConTempo

ConTempo to play two Beethhoven string quartets in St Nicholas'



IN GERMAN-speaking countries, Beethoven’s Quartet No 2 in G major, Op 18, No 2, is called the Komplimentier-Quartett, “the quartet of bows and curtseys” and Galway will hear why this weekend.

Contempo will perform the quartet, written by Beethoven between 1798 and 1800, this Saturday at 7.30pm in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, as part of The Galway Music Residency’s Experience Beethoven series. Composer Jane O’Leary will introduce the event. ConTempo will also perform the Quartet in B flat major Op. 130 was the last of three string quartets commissioned in the 1820s by the Russian Prince Galitzin.

Tickets are €10/8/6 and are available at the door.



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