Album review: Pale Honey

Pale Honey - Youth (Bolero Records)

Pale Honey's Nelly Daltrey and Tuva Lodmark.

Pale Honey's Nelly Daltrey and Tuva Lodmark.

CONTEMPORARY INDIE could be said to divide into two strands, one which takes its cues from the 1980s, the other which looks towards the 1990s.

The former usually includes a hefty dose of synth and electronica, with the latter invariably more dominated by the guitar, and the latter category is where Gothenburg duo Pale Honey - Tuva Lodmark (guitar/vocals ) and Nelly Daltrey (drums ) - firmly place themselves.

By necessity and design, their music is sparse and stripped down to the bare essence, yet through a keen sense of pace, an appreciation of quiet/loud dynamics (‘Fish’ ), and languid vocals contrasting with heavy guitar punctuation (‘Bandolier’, ‘Youth’ ), they have crafted enough diversity from the simplest of elements to create an impressive debut that grows stronger with each listen.

Traces of PJ Harvey menace and Pixies’ like eruption are discernible throughout - even a vague hint of NEU!/Kraftwerk (‘Desert’ ) - but with songs like the aforementioned ‘Bandolier’, the pair show both where they are coming from and the potential they have. Pale Honey are certainly ones to watch.


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