'Mazda' - The Clockworks release new single

Galway band's second release is out today and streaming now

The Clockworks.

The Clockworks.

HOT CHOCOLATE may have boasted about love being in the back seat of lead singer Errol Brown's motocar, but for the character who narrates The Clockworks' new single, the back seat of a old Mazda is a much more squalid place.

'Mazda', the new single from the Galway indie/post-punk revival trio - London born James McGregor (vocals/bass ), Seán Connelly (guitar ), and Damian Greaney (drums ) - is released today and streaming on various platforms, including www.advertiser.ie

Held together by a taut rythym, and a stripped back, tight, guitar riff, the song shows the unmistakable influence of Franz Ferdinand. While it may wear its Alex Kapranos and Co inspiration a little too strongly, that metronomic riff is hard to resist. However the song's main strength is in it' lyrics, which show The Clockworks dealing in a subtle, and very poignant manner with heartbreak, depression, fragile mental health, and male inarticulateness: "I don't want to see those looks/And I don't want, I don't want/to hear those words/In the absence of her presence."

'Mazda' is the follow-up to The Clockworks' debut single 'Girls Like You', released during the summer. The band has already picked up a fair level of critical acclaim, with Hot Press saying, "You'll be hearing a lot more about The Clockworks"; The Last Mixed Tape praising their "street-level sound...with gritty guitars, pin-point drumming, and wryly observational lyrics"; while Musician.ie compared them to The Streets and The Arctic Monkeys.


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