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Over-indulgence, extra activities, late nights and increased socialising puts additional pressure on your immune and digestive systems.

Thankfully, Dr Dilis Clare’s herbal remedies can help you to have fun and stay healthy over the festive season. Dr Clare is the only GP and medical herbalist in Ireland and a leading authority on herbal medicine in Europe who is based at Health and Herbs on Sea Road.

She recommends her Hangover Bitters to help with sluggish digestion, low energy and hangovers. Bitters have a general tonic effect. The bitters contain milk thistle, ginger, dandelion root and other herbs to help the body after overindulgence.

Dr Clare says: “To enjoy a good time without the after-effects, take a dose before you go out, another when you come home and again in the morning.” It also works well with Detox Tea.

For those of you who may also find Christmas a bit stressful, Dr Clare has a Valerian Relax Blend to help.

It is particularly good for helping the over-busy brain to get a good night’s sleep. If a dose before bed is not solving the problem, try taking the full three doses per day for four to five days for a gradual overall relaxing effect.

If you are coping with long term stress, Dr Clare advises taking the blend for a few weeks to help nourish and support you.

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