Be fit for anything this Christmas

Here are four easy tips to stay fit this festive season from the Coast Club at the Connemara Coast Hotel

1. Plan ahead. If you know you’re going to an event with lots of delicious food and drinks, do not go on an empty tank - you’re more likely to make the wrong choices. Instead, snack on healthy protein and fats beforehand.

2. Get your work-out in early. If you get to the gym before the day has a chance to change your plans, you’ll not only ensure you don’t miss your work-out, you’ll also start the day off well. You will also have set the trend for healthier behaviour throughout the day. 

3. Don’t diet, live it. If you focus on dieting rather than healthy living, you may feel deprived and more than likely one of those holiday parties will have you calling it quits. Focusing on healthy living instead will give you the strength you need to see past the holidays and into the New Year.

4. Know your number. Get in the habit of weighing yourself in the morning.

If you find yourself a pound or two heavier it’s easier to correct the behaviour that caused it rather than waiting until the New Year to realise you’ve gained 15lbs. Telehone (091 ) 503904/592108 or email [email protected] for further details.



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