JOLT presents interactive theatre piece Immersed in the Void at the Town Hall

Voids: Andrew Madec and Alison McDonald-White

Voids: Andrew Madec and Alison McDonald-White

As part of its August series of workshops and talks, JOLT will present an interactive theatre event, Immersed in the Void, on Friday and Saturday in the Town Hall Theatre at 5.30pm.

This theatrical experience will be a meeting point of art forms and investigate the innate connections between music and emotion.

The event is created by an ensemble of actors and theatre-makers, working in collaboration with local electronic duo Voids, which is made up of Andrew Madec and Alison McDonald-White. Their music served as the original inspiration for the work, and the process involved actors, Conor Geoghegan and Emer O Carroll, responding to the atmosphere and tone of their music.

The performance charts the story of a couple and their unfurling relationship. Audience members will engage with different mediums of storytelling, through live music and performance, pre-recorded soundscapes and conversations.

By fusing aspects of music and theatrical performance, this promenade piece aims to take theatre-goers out of the comfort of their seats and stimulate individual experiences and responses. Headphones will be used during the performance and will be available at the venue, but if preferable, patrons may bring their own pair to use.

During the performance, the audience will be invited to move throughout the venue, so the event is not suitable for patrons who have impaired mobility or require special access.

Tickets are €8/€10, and are available from

Workshops and talks

JOLT’s workshops and talks will also take place on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday at 11am, Darragh Doyle and Sinéad McPhillips will lead a discussion on social media and promotion, revealing how best to build an online presence when promoting work.

At 2pm that afternoon, Jane Daly, of the Irish Theatre Institute, will reveal how to write successful applications and proposals to funding councils and organisations, looking specifically at the upcoming Theatre Project Award and the Mike Diskin Arts Bursary. Both talks are free to the public and will take place in the Town Hall Bar.

On Saturday afternoon at 2pm, Máiréad Ni Chróinín, co-director of Moonfish Theatre, will share her expertise on aural design, and ways it can be evoked through music, soundscape, sound effect, voice, and song. This event will take place in The Cube, Áras na Mac Léinn, NUI Galway.

Further information on Immersed in the Void, and on JOLT’s August series is available from

For further information, contact JOLT producers Neasa O’Callaghan and Féilim O’hAoláin at [email protected].


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