Owen Pallet - Five Essential Songs Playlist

OWEN PALLET is a Canadian composer, violinist, keyboardist, and vocalist, who came to prominence initially under the moniker Final Fantasy, with his breakout second album He Poos Clouds winning the 2006 Polaris Music Prize.

Since then Pallett has released Heartland in 2010 and his latest, In Conflict, last May. Known for his extremely imaginative and autobiographical lyrics, Pallett’s live performances are exciting and different, noted for playing violin into a loop pedal. His songs are a blend of orchestral and electronic music, punctuated with his beautifully soft and delicate vocals.

Aside from his solo work, Pallett is an avid collaborator with other major artists, having wrote or co-wrote the string arrangements on tracks and albums of Grizzly Bear, The National, Snow Patrol, Death From Above 1979, and Beirut among others, as well as being a long term collaborator on all four of Arcade Fire’s albums. Pallett is also known for composing music for film soundtracks, his most notable by far being the soundtrack to the 2013 film Her, for which he was nominated for an Oscar this year.

Pallett will play the Róisín Dubh as part of the Galway International Arts Festival line-up on Monday July 21 at 8pm. For a glimpse of his talent, here are five of his best songs to date:

1. This Is The Dream Of Win And Regine

The second track off his debut album Has A Good Home. The title is a reference to Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Regine Chassagne.

2. He Poos Clouds

The title track from his Polaris Music Prize winning album. Autobiographical lyrics with hinting references to The Chronicles of Narnia and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda video games.

 3. The Great Elsewhere

From Heartland, this song escalates quickly, with a rich, cinematic quality. 

 4. The Riverbed

Haunting start blends into heavy percussion and guitar, with Pallett’s commanding vocals rising above it all. Sure to get you moving. 

 5. Song for Five & Six

Beautiful song coupled with a beautifully choreographed music video. One of Pallett’s best tracks off his latest release In Conflict

 Tickets for Owen Pallet are available from www.giaf.com  


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