Learning to swim is a life survival skill

All adult teenagers and children are capable of learning to swim. It often surprise parents when they are told that survival level for childen and teenagers is being able able to swim 200metres which is ten lengths of the pool.

Also it is important to maintain this aqua fit level so pupils need to keep up the practice of swimming at least once a week. At Braemor S.C, they teach pupils from complete beginners to improvers to advanced level. They are all experienced teachers and are very good at dealing with the more nervous and fearful pupil.

The group sessions are held in Clarenbridge. Children are on Fridays at 4.50pm or 5.30pm. Lane swimming is at 6.15pm for teenagers and children. There is also a class on Sat at 10.30am .Adult group sessions are on Thursday at 8pm. One to one sessions are also available at a time that suits the pupil. To book a place contact Anne at 0851223303


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