Nine by four in one

ONE VENUE, the Galway Arts Centre, will host the work of four artists - Aideen Barry, Alan Butler, Maeve Clancy, Oonagh Young, and Sam Keogh - in an exhibition entitled Nine.

Nine opens in the GAC, Dominick Street, this Saturday at 6pm and is centred around what it is like to be nine-years-old, the age identified aswhen children expand their ideas about the world and becoming autonomous human beings, yet are still in need of security and reassurance from their family group.

Maeve Clancy works in installation, animation and comics; Sam Keogh is currently studying for his MFA fine art, Goldsmiths College, London; Aideen Barry works in performance, film, animation, drawing, sculpture, and installation; Alan Butler is interested in society’s relationship with reality, truth, and consumption; while Oonagh Young runs DesignHQ, an independent graphic design company.

The exhibition will be supported by a programme of talks, tours, texts, and a publication, with the GAC working with nine-year-olds in Scoil Iognáid on process led workshops. Nine runs until March 29.


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