Saving face

When you look at your face sometimes do you groan inwardly at how drawn it looks? Maybe you have had too many late nights, drank a little too much at that going away party or are recovering from a nasty cold? Or perhaps your facial muscles are just bearing the signs of tension and stress created by mundane activities, such as chewing, grinding your teeth, straining your eyes, even laughing.

Now a new facial treatment available locally aims to bring about balance in your body generally and increase your levels of wellbeing and relaxation.

Facial reflexology combines three ancient therapies with the modern science of neurology, explains Helen Connolly, the owner of the Aromatherapy Health and Beauty Clinic in Eyre Square. She is the only therapist in Galway and one of five in the country to have undertaken the first course in facial reflexology in Ireland. She has worked with traditional reflexology for the past 15 years.

“Facial reflexology is a complementary therapy based on 11 different facial maps from ancient sources in China, Vietnam, Japan and indigenous tribes of South America,” she says “the treatment combines the use of acupressure and a deep reflexology massage. Your face contains numerous nerves and blood vessels and its close proximity to the brain ensures facial stimulation is the shortest pathway to the brain centre offering a more efficient effect in balancing one’s health concerns. The stimulation works through the central nervous system to specific organs and systems to regulate your blood, lymph and hormone body functions. This complementary therapy is designed to assess the underlying cause of one’s compromised health yet also to assist with the treatment of symptoms.”

She says we often do not realise the tension and stress our facial muscles are holding and transmitting to our bodies.

“Our faces are the first locations where we exibit or suppress our emotions. Facial reflexology’s stimulation of acupuncture points and zones trigger the release of endorphins and serotonin so one comes away relaxed and rejuvenated. The deep smoothing massage releases tension and balances the central nervous system helping the body heal itself. Rose hip oil sourced in South America is applied to the face to assist in the technique which leaves the skin more supple, toned and glowing.”

Helen outlines that facial reflexology may be used to assist in the treatment of specific conditions, to maintain one’s health or purely for facial rejuvenation and relaxation.

“As it brings about balance in the body it can help with many conditions, including allergies, anxiety, stress, arthritic contitions, Bell’s palsy, depression, digestive problems, sinus, insomnia, infertility, migraines, menopause, stroke rehabilitation and many more. It is suitable for all ages - from new born babies through to the infirm and elderly.”

The treatment lasts about an hour and costs €70 for one session. She recommends a course of six treatments which cost €380. For further information contact the Aromatherapy Health and Beauty Clinic, 21 Eyre Square. Telephone (091 ) 562597 or email [email protected]


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