Galway model features on cover of Gay Community News

Ivan Fahy has become the first young Galway person to feature on the cover of Gay Community News. Mr Fahy also discusses his androgynous modelling career in this month’s edition of the flagship magazine for Ireland’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

Mr Fahy (20 ) has been modelling since 2011, and he experiments with concepts of gender through his work, modelling in both male and female roles.

Mr Fahy discusses his work and philosophy of gender in the main feature of this month’s GCN, and according to the article he enjoys the creative process of transforming himself but also regards androgyny as more serious, and more controversial, than drag.

“It’s wrong to consider androgyny to be cross-dressing or transvestitism,” he says. “Certain clothing might be associated with a certain gender but that does not mean it belongs exclusively to that gender. Androgyny is not about mutually exclusive gender representations.”

The full interview is available in the current edition of GCN.


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