Spare your blushes

Blusher is many women’s secret weapon. It can bring your face alive by adding colour and glow or can be used to add shape or to soften the cheekbones.

Giorgio Armani’s Eccentrico star palette reveals a harmony of four blushes compacted with micronised powders.

With a sweep of the brush, the four Eccentrico shades melt together to create a fresh and sophisticated blush.

This season Armani offers an unexpected mix of colourful and festive hues. Be on the lookout for strong and flamboyant shades.

Inspiration has come from Giorgio Armani’s travelling fashion exhibition Eccentrico - a collection of 51 bold and extravagant dresses. The result is an unprecedented palette of fresh and luminous tones that breaks away from the House of Armani’s tradition.

To achieve the best dressed lips this autumn opt for a matte finish. Armani offers three radiant new shades to coat the lips in tangy and desirable colour giving a bright and lively smile.

Nail lacquers, co-ordinated with the lips, allow you to create a vibrant, mix and match effect.

This creates a bold colour combination that stands out thanks to the highly contrasting textures: the intense matte of lip maestro on the lips and the glossy lacquered finish on the nails.


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