Care for your nails

Tired of having short, brittle and weak nails? If so, a solution is at hand, according to the nail care company Sally Hansen.

It promises you can achieve longer, stronger and harder hails in just one week thanks to its two new products - Maximum Growth and Maximum Strength Treatments. These contain advanced, nourishing and effective formulas to help nails grow longer and stronger, it claims.

Each of the products is targeted to address a specific nail issue and help improve the condition and health of nails. Both can be applied to bare nails every other day or used underneath nail colour.

Developed with a triple-protein and silk formula Maximum Growth is a lengthening treatment which aims to strengthen soft, bitten weak nails. It works to fortify nails and protect them from breaking and splitting to help them become visibly longer in a week.

The Maximum Strength product claims to keep weak nails from peeling and tearing. It is formulated with cellulose fibres that create a protective, invisible layer of support. In seven days, the company claims nails become stronger, more resistant to damage and less likely to break, peel or tear.


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