What's in my wardrobe

I am always asked where I like to shop, what I invest in, and have I any fashion dislikes. These are difficult questions to answer given that fashion constantly changes and, naturally, so do I. Being surrounded by fashion on a daily basis does open your eyes to new things, new trends, and new styling tips, but I tend to stay true to the pieces I like to wear and that suit my shape. I have essentially been wearing the same ‘go-to’ outfit for years, but change this each season with new colours, shapes, and lots of accessories. So what is the outfit? Well let me break it down for you.

The old reliable black blazer

No working wardrobe should be without a blazer in a dark colour, whether you are going to work, or a night out with the girls. It matches everything and will never let you down. This season navy is a good alternative to black and can look less severe when worn with white or cream. One of my favourite jackets in my wardrobe is a navy single breasted blazer with black trim, which I like to style with a crisp white shirt or, for a more casual look, a patterned or printed sweatshirt, which is a really popular piece for autumn winter.

Plain white tee

I love white T-shirts and I have lost count of how many I have, from high street to designer labels. I always opt for 100 per cent cotton as it is the best temperature gauge you can wear. Keeps you cool, and keeps you warm, I don't know how it does it. If I want to make the look a little more glam, I swap the T-shirt for a blouse which keeps the look nice and feminine. Polka dots are going to be a big hit this season and whether in a monochrome pattern or something more colourful, they do all the work for you, saving on accessories. Let the pattern be the statement.


Denim jeans, I believe, are the hardest thing to buy, due to the difficulty we have in finding the perfect fit. I have measurements which don't seem to be made by any brand so I find I either have to have them taken up or find a belt that keeps them on my waist as opposed to my hips. But thankfully denim brands are responding, with Levi’s, Diesel, and J Brand all prioritising comfort, fit, and of course, style. Penney’s has also just introduced a new technology to help with the fit of its denim ranges, and has some lovely colours too like ruby and emerald green to make that transition to autumn a little easier.

What about shoes?

I love a good pair of heels, but being on the go is not necessarily conducive to wearing stilettos all day. I have a new found love for brogues and recently bought a leather pair in cream and pink from Dune. Brogues do not have to be clunky, and they work well with cropped trousers and A-line skirts to flatter your calves. But I do love wearing them with skinny dark denim jeans which I buy at Forever 21 and River Island, brands which always fit my shape. To get this look ready for a night out, it is as simple as swapping the brogues for a pair of closed toe shoes or platforms.


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