A safe solution for whiter teeth at White Smile Clinic

Are you sick of having yellow and stained teeth? Like most people, you have probably vowed at some point to get your teeth whitened but remain unconvinced that your money will be well spent. After all, the cost of treatment can range from €10 for simple whitening toothpaste to as much as €1,200 for a de luxe laser treatment.

People generally get their teeth whitened to create a better impression. According to findings at the Beall Research and Training Centre, a new smile makes you appear happier, more intelligent, interesting, successful, wealthy, and more attractive to the opposite sex.

What is good value for money, and what will avoid compromising on health and safety? According to White Smile Clinic, Ireland’s longest established and largest teeth whitening specialist with six clinics nationwide, which has performed 35,000 treatments over the last seven years, to attain the best results from teeth whitening patients should have a laser treatment (€99 ) followed by the use of a take home kit (€30 ).

The laser treatment takes one hour, including same day consultation. The treatment is non invasive and is performed by Irish registered dentists and dental professionals.

White Smile Clinic has recently opened its newest branch at No 5 Devon Place, The Crescent, Galway. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm. Consultation is free and treatment can be carried out on the same day. For information and appointment phone 1890 333312 or email [email protected]


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