Are you worried about your ageing memory?

As we age, it is normal for our memory and other brain functions to decline. There is little point in living to 100 if our brain is not functioning properly. Throughout our lives new brain cells are being created in a process called neurogenesis (neuro means nerve and genesis means birth ). Even in people with Alzheimer’s new brain cells are being created. However we need to have these brain cells functioning at full capacity; hence the importance of exercise and diet. Next we need to engage these new cells so these new brain cells begin communicating with each other, rejuvenating our brain’s abilities.

Brain Care Ireland, located at the Research and Innovation Centre in NUI Galway, is dedicated to providing remediation and rehabilitation validated software for the effective therapy of central nervous system disorders by targeting and stimulating key brain functions via software. The programme for seniors who want to maintain brain function is called Ageing Well and is specifically designed for those who have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, as well as healthy seniors who may be concerned about their future cognitive (brain ) abilities and wish to maintain their memory. The programmes have met with success in hundreds of psychology clinics, retirement homes, and hospitals throughout the world and now Ireland and Britain. Call Brain Care Ireland on 091 586722 for a screening or see for more information.

Brain Care Ireland also provides a three minute memory test to evaluate your memory. This test is available through Mullin’s Pharmacy, Merlin Pharmacy, Moycullen Pharmacy, Moughan’s Pharmacy, Molloy’s Pharmacy, Ballina, McLoughlin Pharmacy, Westside, and Renmore Pharmacy. Just call in and book a test at the nearest pharmacy.


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