Achieve a bikini body in two weeks with Nupo

The Nupo diet of meal replacements shakes, soups, and bars, available in O’Flaherty’s Pharmacy, Athenry Shopping Centre, is one of the most effective and safe methods of achieving rapid and sustainable weight loss. Nupo users are guaranteed weight loss, with users seeing an average loss of at least 10 pound in two weeks.

Developed in Denmark 30 years ago, Nupo is a weight loss programme that is the perfect solution to many of the challenges that face dieters in Ireland. Tested in some 50 clinical trials and scientific studies, the diet is relevant to all consumers who are overweight — be they morbidly obese or with just a few kilos to lose.

The diet makes dieting healthier for the body with products containing all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibres — but with a minimum of calories. This gives the body the chance to burn its fat deposits, and therefore facilitate rapid weight loss.

Once the weight loss target is achieved, the diet is adaptable to different lifestyles and diet preferences through the Nupo Brick Booklet. The Brick Booklet is a supportive directory of food and drinks, each of which has been assigned a colour indicating whether the item is high in protein, carbohydrates, fat, or sugar, allowing flexible eating as long as the dieter stays within the boundaries of the daily brick count.

Visit O’Flaherty’s Pharmacy and ask the staff about their personal experience of Nupo. “The shakes taste really good when mixed with cold water and the structure of the diet got me into the habit of eating more regularly and in smaller amounts,” said Gráinne. “I lost a stone in three weeks, but other Athenry ladies have reported to us how they lost the same in less time. I think it is the easy way to control the daily calorie intake, taking in less calories than you use on a daily basis guarantees you lose weight.”



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