Indian head massage training

Develop techniques to help stimulate the senses by learning the relaxing and invigorating practice of Indian head massage. For many the experience is blissful, deeply relaxing, and calming to the core.

The training consists of a one-day course and a follow-up, with emphasis on the ancient practice of seated massage. Students will also learn the techniques with the client lying down, which is useful for those already qualified in massage. The techniques help release deep muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, and head, and also to soothe the face, increase circulation, and allow the body to return to balance. There will be discussion on anatomy and safety in massage and advice tailored to individual practitioners.

The course will be held on May 12 and costs €120. For more details check, or call Aisling Battersby at 087 6722395.

Aisling Battersby has 12 years’ experience in Indian head massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, sports injury technique, cranio sacral therapy, yoga nutrition, and more. She has been teaching short courses in massage for 10 years and can guide trainees through any queries they may have.



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