Web whizz delighted to get on board with Advertiser’s digital plans

Paul Kenny of Cobone.com pictured discussing the Advertiser's digital plans with Joe Hynes, financial director, Galway Advertiser, and Peter Timmins, managing director, Galway Advertiser. Photo: Mike Shaughnessy

Paul Kenny of Cobone.com pictured discussing the Advertiser's digital plans with Joe Hynes, financial director, Galway Advertiser, and Peter Timmins, managing director, Galway Advertiser. Photo: Mike Shaughnessy

One of the Middle East’s most hotly regarded digital entrepreneurs, Galway-native Paul Kenny has announced that he is delighted to have teamed up with the Galway Advertiser as it launches a series of exciting new digital online products in the coming year.

On a whistle-stop tour home last weekend, the man behind the multi-million dollar Cobone.com announced his association with the Advertiser at the Smacht Mor achievers conference in the city, and at functions in NUI,Galway, The Jes, and at UCC where Mr Kenny wowed audiences with his high-energy style

The digital wing of the Galway Advertiser has made an impact on the online media landscape with four new jobs having been created in the past few months and more appointments imminent as Ireland’s highest circulation regional newspaper embarks on its digital plans, building on more than four decades of print success with a strong digital policy.

Already 25,000 people enjoy the newspaper’s Facebook page, 6,000 follow it on Twitter, 20,000 receive a digital version of the newspaper, and 15,000 already have signed up to Advertiser Deals — a deals site which has already impressed analysts with its successful offerings.

Over the next year, many more digital products will be offered as apart of a strategy coordinated by the company’s management team and Paul Kenny who said he is delighted to be part of such a exciting project.

“My first paying job as a youth was delivering the Galway Advertiser to houses throughout Salthill. I remember when I was young that you would always look forward to reading the Galway Advertiser every week and it was a great experience for me to be the person delivering it. It just shows how things often fall into place that 18 years ago I was delivering the newspaper and today in 2013 the shift to digital has begun from one of Galway's most recognised brands.

He said that he was attracted by the massive digital potential of one of Irish publishing’s strongest brands.

“Looking at what is happening globally and how the world is moving online this is the perfect time for the Advertiser to embrace digital. I think what is most exciting here is that the newspaper itself has such a loyal following and moving that user base to engage online will be one of the most interesting challenges that lies ahead. So far, we have seen a huge take up on the digital content with traffic growing rapidly and this mirrors what is happening in the rest of the world with digital media growing faster then print.”

“I have always had close ties to Galway and especially this newspaper so when the opportunity arose to work together on bringing a new direction to the newspaper I jumped at the opportunity. What motivated me the most about the opportunity is that we are going to make a dramatic shift in the strategy of the business. You are seeing in the United States for example a number of print editions going wholly digital and the management team at the Galway Advertiser have made the decision at the right time to start moving online. Our focus will be to build an amazing experience for the loyal customers of the Galway Advertiser, one that they enjoyed offline that now they can enjoy online.”

He says that now is the perfect time for strong brands such as the Advertiser to make a co-ordinated and comprehensive move online.

“Looking at Ireland right now it could not be a better time to make the move online. The total market size continues to grow with smart phone penetration and broadband penetration at significant percentage points of the entire market. I would be happy to say that if you are not online now you are losing out in the next generations of customers coming through the door, as more and more customers are looking online before they experience products offline.

“With the Galway Advertiser now moving more online with exciting new products in the pipeline I believe the future is definitely bright for the digital media market in Ireland and the Galway Advertiser.

Peter Timmins, Managing Director of the Advertiser Newspaper Group, also expressed his delight at the coming together of the phenomenal local brand that is the Galway Advertiser combined with the international experience and success of Paul Kenny.

'Paul's knowledge of this entire area, combined with the reputation and strength of the Galway Advertiser, is certain to be a winning formula', according to Mr Timmins.

“The Galway Advertiser plan to roll out our online offering in stages over the coming months, and our objective is to make Advertiser.ie the go-to site for all online business to be conducted in this region. We aim to offer the same services online in the coming years that we have offered in print since 1970.

“Advertiser.ie will become the definitive web portal for Galway and the surrounding areas'.

“Connecting businesses with customers, and buyers with sellers, in the online space, will be the primary objective of this site. Advertiser.ie will also become the 'must visit' site for all aspects of Galway life. For businesses, the web is another shop window which, while available to a worldwide audience, must attract a local customer base.

“For the vast majority of businesses in this area, their customer base remains in Galway and its hinterland. Advertiser.ie will be the website of choice for these customers, and will also cater for those who wish to appeal to a wider audience'.

“Change is happening rapidly in this area, and many businesses are aware that they need to further develop their online presence. We are confident that the expertise available at Advertiser.ie can be used to the benefit of all Galway businesses who wish to develop in this area'.

“The first stage of this development was the launch of deals.advertiser.ie at the end of 2012, and this site has already attracted huge interest. Since its

launch in December, deals.advertiser.ie has brought more than 2,000 customers to the businesses that have partnered with us on the site,” added Mr Timmins.

“This is a very exciting and challenging time for all those working in the media sector. Those who grasp the opportunities presented will thrive, while the very survival of those who don't cannot be guaranteed. We are confident that with the continuing support of the Galway public and business community, because we will continue to provide them with the best offering both in print and online, and the expertise provided by Paul Kenny, the Galway Advertiser and Advertiser.ie will remain the media of choice for those engaged in business and people who have any interest in what is happening in this area.”



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