Local artist to appear on TG4 show

Ceara Conway

Ceara Conway

Ceara Conway, a public artist from Galway will appear in Dallamullóg - an art series inspired by the TG4 channel - on Sunday February 10 at 8.30pm.

The concept of the programme is to pair an artist with a specialist trades worker and instruct his/her towards creating a piece of art.

The trades person must utilise the skills from their own profession in order to construct the model art piece, and, on completion, a critic will assess the work submitted.

Ms Conway, originally from Connemara, has been coupled with Donegal based electrician Pól Ó Gallchóir in what has been labelled the toughest project of the series so far. In previous episodes, a critic would analyse the trades person's final product but because Ms Conway's belongs to the public artist category, her partner's work will be scrutinised by a panel of judges from Dungloe, Co Donegal. Mr Gallchóir created a reel which lights up. The project idea was commissioned by a local fishing club and the burning question for viewers of the show is how the exhibit will fare in its assessment.

Dallamullóg is a six part series documenting the journeys of six tradespeople from a range of occupations as they each try to impress their individual judges with their artistic strengths.

The episode featuring Ceara Conway will be repeated on the following Tuesday at 11.30pm.


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