Caring for women’s needs with Gentle Day’s gentle touch

Gentle Day sanitary napkins with an anion chip are designed for women who care about their health.

Gentle Day - the only sanitary napkin with an anion chip is a patented revolutionary invention with an ecological conformity certificate. This certificate is granted to products which meet strict requirements related to human ecology.

The product harbours no harmful effect to the human body and is suitable for sensitive skin as it does not contain chlorine, formaldehyde, aromas or other harmful substances. It has excellent air permeability to ensure freshness and comfort. The anion chip protects the skin from bad odour and prevents any reproduction of bacteria inside the sanitary napkins.

The exceptional design of the sanitary napkins is attributable to the protective folds at the sides and its especially good absorption which can absorb up to five times more than usual pads. They are suitable for regular menstruation as well as profuse menstruation and after childbirth.

Gentle Day sanitary napkins eliminate feelings of tension, irritation, rash, and perennial pain.

They are perfectly air permeable, their surface remains dry and the anion chip suppresses reproduction of germs inside the sanitary napkins, therefore, the environment favourable for reproduction of germs is not destroyed before it can form.

This innovative product is the answer to female health issue and is currently stocked at Matt O’Flaherty Chemist on Eyre Square. For retailers email : [email protected]



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